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Today we talk about the first of the two fragrances Heart & Home ..

To find out all the details, in case you missed them, look at the post below:

http://yankeecandlemania.blogspot.it/2015/09/collaborazione-heart-home.html –> Here is a brief description of our collaboration

Today I present you an other special collaboration, once again on another great brand in scented candles.
The store I am talking about is heartandhome.com.

The Store heartandhome.com proved to be safe and reliable with me and very kind too.
They always replied me very fast both via email and on Facebook and they send me the products without any problem.

Moving on to some concrete information..

Shipping Costs:

For UK:

– Orders under £40,00 = £3,99
– Orders over 40,00 = Free

For Ireland:

– All shipments = £7,99


If your order is immediatly available: 3 – 5 working days from despatch.

Like all great brands, Heart & Home has developed different types of products to meet the needs of all and you can find them on their website:
– The candles of different sizes (small and large):
1) The large candle contains 310 g of product and gives up to 70 hours of perfume.
2) The small candle contains 110 g of product and burns up to 30 hours.
– The votive, 53 g of which burn up to 15 hours.
– The wax melts for a quicker scent.
Of course there are a lot of different fragrances in order to make everybody happy!
I sincerelly thank you for the opportunity to try you brand!
I invite you warmly to have at least a look at their site because it is really worth it and I will post the reviews very soon.

I still have not lit them yet, but only sniffing they seem amazing!
Stay tuned!!


E per noi italiani, invece, vi consiglio di visitare il sito cosystore.it, dove potrete trovare tante fragranze e tanti formati diversi adatti ad ogni occasione e gusto!

Ovviamente a breve le recensioni!!

http://www.cosystore.it/categorie/fragranze.html –> Sito Web diretto alle fragranze



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